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Graphic designer from India

Graphic designer with over 10 years of expertise in various disciplines. 


Preserving the meaning and the touch of life in every creation and everything that I do makes me whole as a designer.

Back story

I started as a Graphic designer in the 2010s, which was during my college days while pursuing my degree in Mathematics.


The progression
Later, from 2013 onwards, I've been to the Building material Industry and the exposure was huge and explored till 2020. My skills as an Interior Designer and Project manager got enhanced during this period. Visual merchandising, Data visualization, and Brand design skills got more polished which the broad exposure of 7 years.


As a freelancer, I got to work for Kochi Metro, Multiple restaurants, Music bands, and Communities.


Since 2016, started to be a weekend photographer mostly for pre-weddings, gatherings, and products. 

Being a creative enthusiast I'm still exploring my potential as a Visual designer, learning new tools and possibilities.

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Previous Projects/Clients

  • Kochi Metro Rail. LTD, Cochin, India



  • Marble Gallery pvt. LTD, Calicut, India

  • Variety marbles, Trivandrum, India

  • "Perfume" The band, Cochin

  • Fourpoints by Sheraton, Kakkand, Cochin

  • Elite Signz - Illustrations, Cochin

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